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Migraine Remedies
conditions a-z
conditions a-z Video No More Migraines? Migraine Remedies

Featured in Health A-Z

video: Even though migraines are not life threatening, they can be debilitating. There are many migraine remedies that can help you. Learn about them from our video.
video: No, knuckle cracking and arthritis are not related. But that does not mean it's safe to crack your knuckles, as it could lead to other problems. Find out more in this video.
video: Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin disease. Watch this vdieo to find out more about what rosacea looks like and how it can be treated.
Fears and Phobias
mental health
mental health Video Understanding Phobias Fears and Phobias 3:51

Featured in Mental Health

video: Fears and phobias are not just a psychological problem, they can be physically crippling as well. Learn more about the connection in this video. [03:50]
video: Most people don’t realize how stress can affect their lives--for the worse. Check out this video for more information on what stress does to your body.
video: Meditation may help treat bipolar disorder. Learn about how this alternative therapy can improve bipolar disorder symptoms.
Plank Exercise for Abs
diet & fitness
diet & fitness Video The Plank Exercise for Sexy Abs Plank Exercise for Abs 0:29

Featured in Diet & Fitness

video: The plank exercise for abs is easy to do and requires no fitness equipment. Check out our video if you are interested in getting your dream abs. [00:28]
video: Beating Obesity might save you from a number of health problems which could otherwise get out of control. Watch this video and learn how to counter the disease.
slideshow: Want the body of a celeb? Get all the best workout moves and fitness tips from Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Ryan Gosling, Justin Bieber, and more right here.
Slighting Sleep on Campus
college Video Slighting Sleep on Campus Slighting Sleep on Campus 2:47

Featured in College

video: Whether you're staying awake for studying or something a bit more exciting, you probably drink more than your fair share of caffeine packed energy drinks and coffee. Here, learn about the pros and cons of staying-awake aids. [02:46]
video: You may not be able to manage an A in your art history course, but studying the tips in this video can help you manage to dodge that dorm flu and cold that'll inevitably be going around this semester.
video: What you eat affects everything from your waistline to heart health to even your stress levels. Check out this video to learn the connection between stress and your diet.
Morning After Pill
sexual health
sexual health Video The Morning After Pill Morning After Pill 1:05

Featured in Sexual Health

video: If you forget to use a condom, then the morning after pill can help. These pills contain hormones that help prevent pregnancy. To know more, watch our video. [01:04]
video: You're having trouble with arousal in the bedroom and you don't know what's causing it…it could be erectile dysfunction. Understanding erectile dysfunction is an important step in getting the right treatment. Watch this video to learn more.
video: Both the brain and the body play an important role in a woman's climax. Learn more about the anatomy of the female orgasm in this video.
Preventing Acne
beauty Video Preventing Acne Preventing Acne 2:52

Featured in Beauty

video: Would you believe that preventing acne is almost always possible? Here, we'll explore acne prevention in detail, starting with stuff you already know about skin care (like the importance of washing your face) and ending with a few surprising tricks. [02:51]
video: Following hygienic facial hair care for men can keep your skin healthy and your beard dandruff free. To learn how to look your best, watch this video.
video: Retinoids are one of the few ingredients in skincare products that can help treat your wrinkles. Watch this video to learn about how best to use them, whether you use a prescription, over the counter treatment, gel, or cream.
Pregnancy Sex: Go For It!
pregnancy Video Pregnancy Sex: Go For It! Pregnancy Sex: Go For It! 1:04

Featured in Pregnancy

video: You can have sex during pregnancy, but a few precautionary steps should be taken. Watch this video on pregnancy sex to learn more. [01:03]
video: Alcohol and pregnancy do not mix. Drinking alcohol while you're pregnant puts your fetus at risk for serious health complications. Watch this video for details.
video: Looking to change your style during pregnancy? It's best to take the necessary precautions before making that salon appointment! Watch this video to learn more about hair care during pregnancy.
Sex and Your Baby's Gender
pregnancy Video Gender Selection and Sex Sex and Your Baby's Gender 2:36

Featured in Baby

video: Can time of conception really affect the gender of the baby? Learn more about sex and your baby's gender from this video. [02:35]
video: Babies can be quite a handful when their first teeth start sprouting out.Learn about baby teething and its associated symptoms in this video.
video: If your infant has a fever, runny nose, and feels sick, do you need a doctor? Should you get your newborn a flu shot? Watch this for details on your baby and the flu.


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