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Courses of Multiple Sclerosis
Health A-Z
Health A-Z Video 4 Courses of Multiple Sclerosis Courses of Multiple Sclerosis 2:01

Featured in Health A-Z

video: There are four courses of Multiple Sclerosis, each with different symptoms and effects. Watch this video to find out what these courses of MS are in detail. [02:00]
video: To diagnose multiple sclerosis, a patient must undergo a few tests and examinations. Find out what a doctor is looking for when they look at your test results.
video: What are the most common type 2 diabetes symptoms? Check out this video to learn more about the signs of type 2 diabetes.
video: How do doctors diagnose type 2 diabetes? Get a rundown of the tests and exams that go into a type 2 diagnosis.
Post-Partum Depression
baby Video Post-Partum Depression Post-Partum Depression 3:08

Featured in Mental Health

video: If you've just had a baby and you're feeling less than ecstatic, be on the lookout for post-partum depression! Learn the signs. [03:07]
video: Drug abuse and mental illness are related. Watch this video to learn the association between drugs, addiction and mental illness.
video: Almost a quarter of the total American population is struggling with some type of mental illness. Watch this video to learn about the treatment options for mental illness, from drug therapy to group therapy.
slideshow: Depressed people are just bummed out. All serial killers have schizophrenia. Sex addiction is just an excuse to sleep around. Check out this slideshow to find out why these-- and other mental illness myths-- are false.
Exercise Addiction
mental health
mental health Video Are You Addicted to Exercise? Exercise Addiction 2:41

Featured in Diet & Fitness

video: Exercise addiction can be defined as an obsession with fitness. Believe it or not, excessive exercise can be harmful. Watch this video to find out more. [02:40]
video: Two thirds of the United States is obese and it's due to poor diet. Watch this video for tips on ow to follow the three rules of good nutrition.
video: Nutritional needs for women are different from those of men for several important reasons. Watch this video to find out which vitamins and minerals you should be consuming if you're female.
video: There are plenty of exercises that will allow you to have a complete body work out in a short period of time. Learn about total body exercises in the video.
Major Depression in College
college Video Deep Depression on Campus Major Depression in College 2:04

Featured in College

video: High academic demands, financial stress, and social adjustment can lead to major depression in college students. College isn't four years of fun for everyone. Take a look at this video. [02:03]
Video Q&A: Some estimates are that almost a third of teens and college students get migraines. But what's more interesting are the causes, watch this to see what they are!
video: While every school is a little different, here’s a list of some services you can expect to find at your college health center. Watch this to learn more.
video: How do doctors diagnose type 2 diabetes? Get a rundown of the tests and exams that go into a type 2 diagnosis.
video: Weight gain is common in college, but for type 1 diabetics, maintaining your weight is important. Watch this video to learn more!
The Alcohol Effect on Sex
college Video The Alcohol Effect on Sex The Alcohol Effect on Sex 1:08

Featured in Sexual Health

video: Oh yeah, you've had beer goggles. But did you ever think you might have consumed for the purpose of seeing the world through that beery blur? [01:07]
video: Good news for you Atkins followers: Semen is low in carbohydrates! Or is it?
video: Even if you have a bad back, good sex is still possible. Find out how to keep your sex life active and amazing through this video.
video: There are lots of things that can make for better sex and breathing is one of them! Watch this video for tips on how to breathe for better sex.
Body Hair Removal: Laser
beauty Video Laser Hair Removal Body Hair Removal: Laser 2:18

Featured in Beauty

video: Laser hair removal surgery is an option for those who are tired of continuously shaving and waxing unwanted hair. This video explains everything you need to know about body hair removal: laser. [02:17]
video: With the winter season coming up, the problem of dry skin is likely to flare up. Take a look at this video to get some useful tips on how to winterize your skin.
video: You've been caring for your skin all your life and know by now what to do with it. But answer this: what's your skin type? Find out by watching this video.
video: The biggest advantage of being pregnant is the bundle of joy you will hold after nine months, but another benefit is great nails and hair. Find out more here.
video: To diagnose multiple sclerosis, a patient must undergo a few tests and examinations. Find out what a doctor is looking for when they look at your test results.
Pregnancy and Medications
pregnancy Video Pregnancy Prescriptions Pregnancy and Medications 1:23

Featured in Pregnancy

video: If you have concerns about what medications to take during pregnancy, you'll be pleased to know that not ALL medications are off limits. Check out this video for more information about pregnancy and medications. [01:22]
video: Are you having trouble sleeping during pregnancy? Find out more about pregnancy sleep aids by checking out this video.
video: Looking to change your style during pregnancy? It's best to take the necessary precautions before making that salon appointment! Watch this video to learn more about hair care during pregnancy.
video: Although pregnancy can be a time of cravings and indulgences, pregnant women should be careful about what kinds of foods they're consuming--seafood especially. Learn more about seafood during pregnancy by watching this video.
In-Flight Safety with Baby
pregnancy Video In-Flight Safety with Baby on Board In-Flight Safety with Baby 1:15

Featured in Baby

video: Air traveling is usually safe for you and your unborn baby, but there are some precautions you should take. Learn more about in-flight safety with baby in this video. [01:14]
video: While not that common, delivery problems with baby are possible, such as a breech birth. Learn more about common complications, and what to be on the lookout for.
video: Is your baby constantly crying? It can certainly make you crazy like many other parents. Check out this video for tips on how to soothe your baby in detail.
video: Babies need a car seat from the first trip home from the hospital. But shopping for baby car seats can be confusing. Get quick safety tips and facts on how to pick the best car seat for your infant.


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