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Gut Bacteria and Ulcerative Colitis
conditions a-z
conditions a-z Video Gut Bacteria and Ulcerative Colitis Gut Bacteria and Ulcerative Colitis 2:49

Featured in Health A-Z

video: Ulcerative colitis symptoms can improve when healthy bacteria is ingested. Watch this to learn more about probiotics, fecal transplants and more. [02:48]
video: If you think you can go the season without the flu shot, you might want to reconsider. Check out this video to find out if you really need a flu shot.
video: When you have an overactive thyroid, your doctor's primary goal will be to return your thyroid levels to normal and this can be treatment with different types of treatment. You can learn all about overactive thyroid treatments in this video.
Hypnotherapy for Anxiety
mental health
mental health Video Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Hypnotherapy for Anxiety 2:41

Featured in Mental Health

video: Hypnotherapy for anxiety can often help relieve symptoms. Learn more about the benefits of hypnotherapy and who it is good for. [02:40]
survey: Not sure if your antidepressant is doing its job, even though you're taking every dose? It's tough to evaluate your own progress, but this survey will let you compare your experience to others.
video: Anger is a very powerful but very destructive emotion if you don't let it out. Watch this to learn how to deal with anger in a constructive, safe way.
Ab Strength: Plank Climbers
diet & fitness
diet & fitness Video Ab Strength: Plank Climbers Ab Strength: Plank Climbers 0:48

Featured in Diet & Fitness

video: If you like planks, you'll love plank climbers. They're slightly more challenging but oh-so-great for your abs. Get the details in this video. [00:47]
video: From kickboxing to karate, mixed martial arts can certainly get you into shape. Find out how to practice martial arts safely in this video.
video: Mushrooms are technically fungus, but we treat them like vegetables. They're full of nutrients that can help prevent heart disease-- watch this to learn more!
College Sex Survey
college Survey College Sex Survey

Featured in College

survey: Take our college sex survey and find out how your sex life measures up.
slideshow: Whether academics, roommate issues or financial problems have you anxious and exhausted, this slideshow gives you the DL on how to deal with these and other common college stressors.
video: A hangover can be be pretty difficult to deal with but trying to get rid of one can be even worse. Check out this video to learn the best tips for hangover relief.
Sexual Health
sexual health
sexual health Survey Sexual Health

Featured in Sexual Health

survey: There are many aspects of sexual health that people talk about frequently, like STDs and birth control. But sexual performance is another important aspect of your sexual health. Take this survey to see if everything is running smoothly.
survey: Technology affects every part of our lives-even our sex lives! Take this survey to share your tech-based sexcapades!
video: If you’re HIV positive and having a baby, there’s good news. Watch this to see what it is.
Why Facial Moisturizer Rocks
beauty Video Why Facial Moisturizer Rocks Why Facial Moisturizer Rocks 0:25

Featured in Beauty

video: Hydrating your skin properly adds a protective layer that gives you a smooth, glowing skin. To learn more about the advantages, watch his video. [00:24]
survey: Men and women strive for a neat and groomed appearance, even if it means enduring burns, nicks, irritation and even skin tears. How far would you go to get rid of unwanted hair?
slideshow: If you're having one bad hair day after another, you might want to re-examine your hair-care routine. Which behaviors tend to damage strands? Check out this slideshow to find out!
Common Pregnancy Symptoms
pregnancy Video Common Pregnancy Symptoms Common Pregnancy Symptoms 2:38

Featured in Pregnancy

video: The most telling sign of pregnancy is a missed period, but there are other common pregnancy symptoms you may look for. Watch this video for details. [02:37]
video: Sometimes, it's necessary to induce labor. Find out when to induce labor and under what circumstances by watching this video.
slideshow: It doesn't matter whether you're a beloved TV actress, a gay pop singer or just one of the gals-if you want to have a baby, you'll try whatever you can. Check out this slideshow to learn what today's options offer.
Baby Motor Skill Development
baby Video Baby Motor Skills Baby Motor Skill Development 2:17

Featured in Baby

video: Baby motor skill development comes gradually over time. Use these tips to help your baby develop his fine motor skills, such as stacking blocks, and gross motor skills, like crawling. [02:16]
slideshow: Admit it; you can't wait for your baby to get to sleep. You finally get some rest, and your child re-energizes for the day ahead. But if your baby is still an infant, sleep is sporadic. Check out this slideshow for tips on helping your baby get the best-a
video: What are babies feeling and thinking when they're smiling? Watch this video for insight!


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