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Home Gym: Heart
diet & fitness
diet & fitness Video Home Gym: Heart Home Gym: Heart 0:50

Featured in Health A-Z

video: You don't have to spend so much money on cardio equipment -- watch this video to learn home exercises for your heart. [00:49]
Video Q&A: While you may think medicine is just what you need when a headache sets in, you may want to think again. They could actually be the cause of a soon-to-come rebound headache. Watch this to learn more.
Video Q&A: Rheumatoid arthritis causes eye conditions such as scleritis and uveitis. Find out what the symptoms are and why they develop.
Drug Abuse and Mental Illness
mental health
mental health Video Addiction and Mental Health Drug Abuse and Mental Illness 3:53

Featured in Mental Health

video: Drug abuse and mental illness are related. Watch this video to learn the association between drugs, addiction and mental illness. [03:52]
quiz: Personality disorders are more common than you realize. Quiz yourself to see how your perception stacks up to reality.
slideshow: Depressed people are just bummed out. All serial killers have schizophrenia. Sex addiction is just an excuse to sleep around. Check out this slideshow to find out why these-- and other mental illness myths-- are false.
Exercise in No Time
diet & fitness
diet & fitness Video Exercise in No Time Exercise in No Time

Featured in Diet & Fitness

video: Making excuses for not having time to exercise is the easiest thing to do, but small 5 minutes bursts of quick exercise sessions is possible for anyone. Watch this video to learn more.
video: Cooling down after a workout is as crucial as warming up beforehand. Watch this video to learn why cooling down after exercise is improtant.
video: Belly fat sure is hard to lose! Learn what you need to do to get rid of it by checking out this video!
Treating Mild Acne
beauty Video Treating Mild Acne Treating Mild Acne 2:36

Featured in College

video: Mild acne can be treated with over the counter products packed with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Watch this to see how these medications work. [02:35]
video: Developing a regular sleeping schedule is tough for almost everyone on campus. Watch this video video to learn how your school schedule is affecting your sleeping patterns.
Your Post-Partum Sex Life
pregnancy Video Your Post-Partum Sex Life Your Post-Partum Sex Life 1:37

Featured in Sexual Health

video: There will be changes in your sex lives after you become parents but it doesn’t have to be any less exciting. Click here for more details about your post-partum sex life. [01:36]
video: Safe sex doesn't have to be boring. Lots of fun can be had while being smart sex. Learn more about making safe sex sexy by watching this video.
video: Worried about your penis size during sexy time? Well, don't. Check out these tips to what you can do to make sex more enjoyable.
Healthy Body Image
college Video Healthy Body Image Healthy Body Image 1:11

Featured in Beauty

video: What do you see when you look in the mirror? If you hate what you see, you may have an unhealthy body image - even if you are actually at a healthy weight! Learn more about body dysmorphic disorder. [01:10]
video: Don't shrivel up your face with distaste or squint too hard when you're reading a restaurant menu-- those actions, repeated over decades, will form wrinkles. Find out how your sleeping position has consequences, too!
video: The dry, rough feel of skin not only looks bad but feels that way too. Find relief for dry skin in the video and see how you can make your skin softer.
Pregnancy While Caring for Kids
pregnancy Video Pregnancy With Other Kids Pregnancy While Caring for Kids 1:28

Featured in Pregnancy

video: Are you expecting again? Your second or third pregnancy can be more challenging since you already have a kid or two to look after. Watch this video about pregnancy while caring for kids. [01:27]
video: If you have concerns about what medications to take during pregnancy, you'll be pleased to know that not ALL medications are off limits. Check out this video for more information about pregnancy and medications.
video: Do your pregnancy and the spa mix? Watch this video to find out if your day of pampering is actually dangerous for your fetus.
Burping a Baby
baby Video Burping Your Baby Burping a Baby 1:37

Featured in Baby

video: In order to help your baby let out gas, it is important to learn how to burp your baby. Watch this video to learn different methods. [01:36]
video: If your infant has a fever, runny nose, and feels sick, do you need a doctor? Should you get your newborn a flu shot? Watch this for details on your baby and the flu.
video: Is your baby coughing or sneezing? She may have a cold. Here's help for treating a baby's cold with traditional medicines and easy home remedies.


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