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Do Only Women Get Breast Cancer?
conditions a-z
conditions a-z Video Only Women Get Breast Cancer? Do Only Women Get Breast Cancer? 1:12

Featured in Health A-Z

video: For a guy, finding a lump in one of your pecs may not seem like a big deal. It is, though. Find out more information on male breast cancer in this video. [01:11]
video: Do you suffer from a burning pain in your stomach? It could be a symptom of peptic ulcer. Watching this video can help you in understanding peptic ulcers.
video: You can't cure psoriasis, but there are ways to manage it. Watch this video to learn how dealing with psoriasis can be a reality.
Drug Abuse and Mental Illness
mental health
mental health Video Addiction and Mental Health Drug Abuse and Mental Illness 3:53

Featured in Mental Health

video: Drug abuse and mental illness are related. Watch this video to learn the association between drugs, addiction and mental illness. [03:52]
video: People diagnosed with major depression, bipolar disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder can often experience insomnia. Learn about the link between insomnia and mental illness.
slideshow: Depressed people are just bummed out. All serial killers have schizophrenia. Sex addiction is just an excuse to sleep around. Check out this slideshow to find out why these-- and other mental illness myths-- are false.
Exercises to Increase Flexibility
diet & fitness
diet & fitness Video Exercising for Flexibility Exercises to Increase Flexibility 1:21

Featured in Diet & Fitness

video: Exercises to increase flexibility are a must since they could mean the difference between a toned body or a stiff injured one. Watch this video for information. [01:20]
video: If you want to lose weight without risking your health, find out how to spot the red flags of a bad diet plan in this video.
video: A raw food diet may feel great at first, but it makes you more likely to develop a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Get details on raw food diet risks.
College Life Survey
college Survey College Life Survey

Featured in College

survey: College is as much a health challenge as an intellectual one. But if you have battled bugs-literally and the virus kind-or failed to master the basic art of keeping a dorm room clean, you're not alone. Let us in on your messy little secrets and find out
slideshow: Whether academics, roommate issues or financial problems have you anxious and exhausted, this slideshow gives you the DL on how to deal with these and other common college stressors.
video: Going off to college with type 1 diabetes can be scary. Check out this video for tips on how to deal with type 1 diabetes in college.
The Alcohol Effect on Sex
college Video The Alcohol Effect on Sex The Alcohol Effect on Sex 1:08

Featured in Sexual Health

video: Oh yeah, you've had beer goggles. But did you ever think you might have consumed for the purpose of seeing the world through that beery blur? [01:07]
video: You've asked yourself 100 times: Why on earth do men have nipples? Find out this, and other sex surprises, here!
video: Even if you have a bad back, good sex is still possible. Find out how to keep your sex life active and amazing through this video.
Perfect Skin Foods
diet & fitness
diet & fitness Video Perfect Skin Foods Perfect Skin Foods 2:30

Featured in Beauty

video: Everyone wants a beautiful complextion, and you get can get there more easily if you try these perfect skin foods. Click here to learn what to munch. [02:29]
video: Washing your hair is a necessity, but you may be using the wrong shampoo. Is your hair oily? Do you have dandruff? Here's an easy trick to find your hair type and select the best shampoo for healthy, shiny hair.
video: Genital skin conditions in women are not uncommon and can be quite irritating. If you experience them, watch this video to inform yourself.
Pregnancy Sex: Know Your Limits
pregnancy Video Pregnancy Sex: Know Your Limits Pregnancy Sex: Know Your Limits 1:13

Featured in Pregnancy

video: Although sex during pregnancy can be healthy, there are certain conditions in which you need to be extra careful. Learn about your pregnancy sex limits in this video. [01:12]
video: Can you stick to your regular workout routine during pregnancy? Watch this video on safe pregnancy exercises to find out what's safe and what's not.
video: Although pregnancy can be a time of cravings and indulgences, pregnant women should be careful about what kinds of foods they're consuming--seafood especially. Learn more about seafood during pregnancy by watching this video.
Getting Busy After Baby
baby Video Getting Busy After Baby Getting Busy After Baby 0:54

Featured in Baby

video: Getting busy after baby might seem impossible. The road back might seem rocky but it will be worth it. Find out more about this by watching this video. [00:53]
video: If your infant has a fever, runny nose, and feels sick, do you need a doctor? Should you get your newborn a flu shot? Watch this for details on your baby and the flu.
video: Getting the whole family ready for a new baby can take some advance planning. Check out these tips on preparing children for a new baby.


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