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Treating and Diagnosing Colorectal ...
conditions a-z
conditions a-z Video Treating Colorectal Cancer Treating and Diagnosing Colorectal ... 2:50

Featured in Health A-Z

video: Treating and Diagnosing Colorectal Cancer at an early stage is more affective with a 90% recovery rate. Learn more about the disease and its treatment in this video. [02:49]
Video Q&A: While you may think medicine is just what you need when a headache sets in, you may want to think again. They could actually be the cause of a soon-to-come rebound headache. Watch this to learn more.
video: When you're coping with advanced melanoma, it's imperative to have a strong support network around you that is made up of both professionals and family and friends. Find out who exactly you should have in your corner.
Insomnia and Mental Illness
mental health
mental health Video Insomnia and Mental Illness Insomnia and Mental Illness 2:39

Featured in Mental Health

video: People diagnosed with major depression, bipolar disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder can often experience insomnia. Learn about the link between insomnia and mental illness. [02:38]
video: Almost a quarter of the total American population is struggling with some type of mental illness. Watch this video to learn about the treatment options for mental illness, from drug therapy to group therapy.
video: Spanking and mental illness may very well go hand in hand. Watch this video to learn the disadvantages of spanking and better ways of disciplining your child.
video: The New Year is one of the best times to make a mental health resolution. Check out this video for suggestions from Dr. Gardere. Improve your mental health and wellness this year!
Exercise Addiction
mental health
mental health Video Are You Addicted to Exercise? Exercise Addiction 2:41

Featured in Diet & Fitness

video: Exercise addiction can be defined as an obsession with fitness. Believe it or not, excessive exercise can be harmful. Watch this video to find out more. [02:40]
video: Two thirds of the United States is obese and it's due to poor diet. Watch this video for tips on ow to follow the three rules of good nutrition.
video: There are plenty of exercises that will allow you to have a complete body work out in a short period of time. Learn about total body exercises in the video.
College Sex Survey
college Survey College Sex Survey

Featured in College

survey: Take our college sex survey and find out how your sex life measures up.
slideshow: Whether academics, roommate issues or financial problems have you anxious and exhausted, this slideshow gives you the DL on how to deal with these and other common college stressors.
video: Alcohol and type 1 diabetes don't mix, but when you do drink, you should follow these precautions. Watch this!
Sizzling Tantric Sex
sexual health
sexual health Video Sizzling Tantric Sex Sizzling Tantric Sex

Featured in Sexual Health

video: Get ready for the best sex of your life. It's tantric, it's toe-curling, and we'll show you how to do it.
video: Even if you have a bad back, good sex is still possible. Find out how to keep your sex life active and amazing through this video.
video: There does come a time when men and women peak sexually. Eager to know when?
video: Lots of people eat to please their stomachs, but eating can please your sexy parts too! Check out this video for more information on aphrodisacs and better sex.
Treating Acne Scars
beauty Video Acne Scars Treating Acne Scars 2:49

Featured in Beauty

video: Once pimples go away, treating acne scars might be your next issue. For information on your options, watch this video. [02:48]
video: Did you know that constantly grinding your teeth damages them? Thankfully, there are teeth grinding remedies that can help you get over this problem. Watch our video to know more.
video: The biggest advantage of being pregnant is the bundle of joy you will hold after nine months, but another benefit is great nails and hair. Find out more here.
Pregnancy: The Unsafe Workout
pregnancy Video Pregnancy: The Unsafe Workout Pregnancy: The Unsafe Workout 1:25

Featured in Pregnancy

video: While exercising is important throughout your pregnancy, there comes a point when you need to switch up your routine to something less rigorous. Find out which unsafe workouts you shouldn't do while trying to stay fit in this video. [01:24]
video: Even if you can barely see your own toes, you might be considering a pedicure in the near future. But is nail care during pregnancy safe for you and your baby? Watch this video to find out!
video: Mercury can be extremely dangerous for your unborn baby. Find out more about this by watching this video on pregnancy and mercury.
Starting Baby On Solids
baby Video Baby's First Solids Starting Baby On Solids 2:45

Featured in Baby

video: When it comes to starting baby on solids, make sure your baby is ready. Learn how to spot the signs that your baby is ready for solids in this video. [02:44]
video: Has your baby turned one? See your pediatrician! During your baby’s one year checkup, you and your doctor will learn exactly how he's developing. To know more, watch this video.
video: Every parent is aware of the importance of baby pacifiers. Though these are quite helpful when the baby is fussy, they can pose a number of risks as well. Watch this video to learn more.


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