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What is a Heart Attack?
Health A-Z
Health A-Z Video What is a Heart Attack? What is a Heart Attack? 2:26

Featured in Health A-Z

video: You know you're in pain, but is it a heart attack? Learn about heart attacks symptoms, and what to do in an emergency in this video. [02:25]
video: There are four courses of Multiple Sclerosis, each with different symptoms and effects. Watch this video to find out what these courses of MS are in detail.
video: What are the most common type 2 diabetes symptoms? Check out this video to learn more about the signs of type 2 diabetes.
What is Borderline Personality Disorder?
mental health
mental health Video Borderline Personality What is Borderline Personality Disorder? 4:08

Featured in Mental Health

video: What is borderline personality disorder? This condition is characterized by mood swings, impulsive actions, and unstable relationships. Learn more by watching this video. [04:07]
survey: Stress is a familiar burden to all Americans, but for some, it's chronic -- and even detrimental. Whether you're under chronic stress, or anticipating a stressful situation, assessing your anxiety is the key to managing it.
video: We get it, separation is hard on both you and your baby. But there are ways to soothe separation anxiety and make transitions easier on everyone. Watch our video to know more.
What is a Vegan Diet?
diet & fitness
diet & fitness Video About the Vegan Diet What is a Vegan Diet? 0:59

Featured in Diet & Fitness

video: A vegan diet is all about eliminating animal products and bi-products, while balancing nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables with whole grains, beans and seeds. Watch this for a quick tip on switching over! [00:58]
video: The plank exercise for abs is easy to do and requires no fitness equipment. Check out our video if you are interested in getting your dream abs.
video: Cardio exercise is important if you want to shed pounds, but did you know that you should be building your muscles too? Watch this to learn about strength training for weight loss.
video: Drinking loads of beer may get you drunk but beer itself has certain nutritional benefits that you may not be aware of. Check out this video to learn the nutritional benefits of beer.
The Caloric Burn of College Sports
college Video The Burn of College Sports The Caloric Burn of College Sports 1:19

Featured in College

video: From ultimate frisbee to foosball, college sports can actually be your key to physical fitness! Don't believe us? Keep watching. [01:18]
survey: College is as much a health challenge as an intellectual one. But if you have battled bugs-literally and the virus kind-or failed to master the basic art of keeping a dorm room clean, you're not alone. Let us in on your messy little secrets and find out
video: Now that you’ve reached college age, your health is your responsibility. Watch this to see what your annual college health checkup will consist of.
video: Weight gain is common in college, but for type 1 diabetics, maintaining your weight is important. Watch this video to learn more!
Making Safe Sex Sexy
sexual health
sexual health Video Making Safe Sex Sexy Making Safe Sex Sexy 1:05

Featured in Sexual Health

video: Safe sex doesn't have to be boring. Lots of fun can be had while being smart sex. Learn more about making safe sex sexy by watching this video. [01:04]
video: Even if you have a bad back, good sex is still possible. Find out how to keep your sex life active and amazing through this video.
video: There are lots of things that can make for better sex and breathing is one of them! Watch this video for tips on how to breathe for better sex.
What's Your Skin Type?
beauty Video What's Your Type? Diagnose Your Skin What's Your Skin Type? 2:36

Featured in Beauty

video: You've been caring for your skin all your life and know by now what to do with it. But answer this: what's your skin type? Find out by watching this video. [02:35]
video: Anyone who has gotten waxed has had this nightmare: you emerge from the chair and look in the mirror, only to realize a portion of your skin has been torn. Watch this video to learn why this happens and how to avoid it.
video: Omega 3s and selenium are essential to your skin's optimum health. Learn more about which foods contain these nutrients in the video Skin Foods: Omega 3 & Selenium.
video: If the appearance of your teeth is causing you grief, you might want to look into veneers. Learn more about the effectiveness and cost about veneers for teeth.
Pregnancy: Piercings and Tattoos
pregnancy Video Pregnancy: Piercings and Tattoos Pregnancy: Piercings and Tattoos 1:28

Featured in Pregnancy

video: If you're looking into getting a tattoo or piercing during your pregnancy, you might want to wait until after your baby is born. Find out more about the risks and what precautions you should take. [01:27]
video: There are some medical procedures you'll have to wait to undergo until after your pregnancy is over. Watch this video to learn the verdict on Botox and LASIX during pregnancy.
video: Can you just eat anything want during pregnancy? The simple answer is no. Find out more about cautionary foods during pregnancy by watching this video.
video: Safe sex doesn't have to be boring. Lots of fun can be had while being smart sex. Learn more about making safe sex sexy by watching this video.
Science and Selecting Your Baby's Gender
pregnancy Video Gender Selection and Science Science and Selecting Your Baby's Gender 3:20

Featured in Baby

video: Some medical procedures claim they can help you pick the sex of your baby. Find out how effective they are -- watch this video on how science may help in selecting your baby's gender. [03:19]
video: Do you know swaddling your newborn is one of the best things you can do to make her feel safe and secure? Watch this video to learn how to swaddle a baby.
video: Babies need a car seat from the first trip home from the hospital. But shopping for baby car seats can be confusing. Get quick safety tips and facts on how to pick the best car seat for your infant.


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