Pregnant Sex Could Get You Pregnant

An Arkansas woman conceived a child two and a half weeks after conceiving the first one

by Dena Afrasiabi

Having sex while pregnant could get you even more pregnant, as in the case of an Arkansas woman who conceived a second child two and a half weeks after conceiving the first one. The condition, an extremely rare one, is called superfetation and though very few cases have been documented, one woman recently discovered that it does indeed occur. When Julia Grovenburg went for a routine ultrasound, doctors not only found that her baby was healthy, they found a second, smaller baby growing next to her.

The babies will have separate due dates and will not be considered identical or even fraternal twins, since the difference in their development is far greater than the difference between the development of two twin babies. Julia Grovenburg's obstetrician, Dr. Michael Muylaert, stated that there's a good chance that the double pregnancy is a case of superfetation, but they will not know for sure until after “chromosomal and metabolic studies” are done on the babies after they are born. Superfetation could cause health problems if the second baby is conceived more than 24 days after the first one. Luckily for Julia Grovenburg, the babies were conceived within a time frame that does not pose any health risks for either child.